Village Bread, Olive Oil and a Grandmothers Blessing

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Manny Papadoulis. Very nice book with the smell of the innocent life of the village it See More. Information about Page Insights Data. Village Bread, olive oil and a grandmother's blessings. Hiking at Avakas Gorge Paphos. Thus, the bread is not scored. It is baked without steam. There is still moderate oven spring. I would emphasize the importance of forming a tight boule in order to support the oven spring in this rather gassy dough. Terrific texture as well.

Almond butter and apricot jam I really like the look of that crumb. Interesting background information. When I have more time, I will bake this particular recipe since my baking lists is getting longer each day. I will wait for your comparison first steam or no steam and I hope you can report back your result.

Thank you. Besides the aesthetics, my reasoning is that this bread was probably baked in a WFO traditionally, which provides a somewhat steamy environment just from evaporation.

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I don't know when I'll bake this again, but I'll post the results when I do. I also want to get a couple 8 inch cake pans, since this should result in a more spherical loaf than the 9 inch pans. Interesting formula, David!

I love the very thick crust and the open crumb! This bread reminds me of the breads my grandma used to make in an WFO, many years ago. She used to oil the pans, too, and the crust had a wonderful flavour. The long fermentation time is because the small amount of the prefermented flour, I guess.

Do you think it's a bad idea to proof the shaped dough in the fridge overnight? I don't think I can fit in my schedule 1h autolyse, 2h bulk fermentation, 5h final proof, and 1h baking. If I were to cold retard these loaves, I think I'd do it right after they are shaped. The fully proofed loaves are so gassy, I'd be afraid to retard them. If you retard the loaves right after shaping, it would probably take an extra hour for the final proof.

But, "watch the dough, not the clock. I'm preparing the levain right now , I'll shape the breads tonight, and tomorrw morning I'll bake them. Do you think I should use steam or not? As I said in my original post, I would bake with steam next time. However, it worked well without steam, except for the dull-appearing crust. About my grandmother's recipe I'll talk with my aunt and my father, maybe they remember the formula: I only remember how the bread was made as a child, I assisted to the process, fascinated , not the ratio of ingredients.

The flour was from a mill in the village, where every farmer brought their grains and received the flour instead. It was a very good flour, so they said. For the bread, my grandmather used a pate fermentee, which was actually an old dough, dried, kept from the previous batch of dough.

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They baked bread every saturday, but the process began friday afternoon, when the dry old dough was rehydrated. The breads were really big, kg, each, and she allways made 3 loafs. One for herself, one for my father and one for my aunt. I'll try to find more details, and I'll come back with news.

I made a lot of mistakes along the way, it's not as beautiful as yours, but I'll make it again, cause the flavor given by long fermenation and olive oil is very very pleasant. Late in finding this formula I got tired of the stuff and have been on the look out for an easier and less wasteful solution. I found several different types of, what I call, mini-shower cap type covers. Prices were all over the place as was quality.

I have liked the products I have received from the site. People are helpful and shipping is quick with easy tracking. Skip to main content.

Easy Homemade French Bread

June 5, - am. Levain Wt. Mix the flour and water and autolyse for minutes. Divide the dough into two equal pieces and form each into a tight boule.

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Roll each boule in the oiled pans and leave them, seam side down, in the pans. Cover the pans with plasti-crap or place in food safe plastic bags.

Remove the loaves to a cooling rack, and cool completely before slicing. Pan de Horiadaki crumb Note the dull not shiny crust. June 5, - pm. Hi David, Shortened BF time on account of your active leaven. Nice bread, lovely crust and crumb.

I see it's been borrowed and posted all over the internet Best wishes Andy.