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In particular we are interested in understanding how the increasingly professionalised and globalised discipline of public relations Freitag and Stokes, ; Gannon and Pillai, shapes emerging societies in post-conflict or transitional environments. To advance such interests we have devised three thematic strands for the conference:.

Environment, Media And Communication by Anders Hansen

We welcome submissions that adopt a critical as well as functional account of public relations in the above contexts. The overarching aim of the conference is to encourage collaboration and partnership between practitioners and academics to develop new thinking across the field. We encourage challenging and thought-provoking proposals from individuals, groups or organisations. Special Issue of Journal of Communication Management. The best papers will be selected to go for review by the Journal of Communication Management who will publish a Special Issue in support of the Conference.

If you would like to submit a paper for presentation at the conference, please email abstracts words to prglobaltasks [at] gmail [dot] com. Critical theory has a long history, but a relatively recent intersection with public relations. This ground-breaking collection engages with commonalities and differences in the traditions, whilst encouraging plural perspectives in the contemporary public relations field.

Compiled by a high-profile and widely respected team of academics and bringing together other key scholars from this field and beyond, this unique international collection marks a major stage in the evolution of critical public relations. It will increasingly influence how critical theory informs public relations and communication. The collection takes stock of the emergence of critical public relations alongside diverse theoretical traditions, critiques and actions, methodologies and future implications.

Internet Routledge Introductions to Media and Communications

The volume is also of interest to scholars in advertising, branding, communication, consumer studies, cultural studies, marketing, media studies, political communication and sociology. A chapter I co-authored on text-mining has finally! Text Mining and Social Media: When Quantitative Meets Qualitative and Software Meets People Text mining has developed dramatically in recent years in its power to analyse and extract information from very large bodies of unstructured text.

Its applications are motivated by a growing awareness that researchers need more powerful tools in order to benefit from rapidly increasing amounts of textual data being generated through the proliferation and unprecedented levels of take up of Web 2. They survey the range of research tools for text mining, broadly defined, available both in the academic and commercial spheres.

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Beyond these inherently unpredictable phenomena, one of the most popular emerging applications of social media analysis lies in the tracking of public opinion through the application of NLP-based techniques such as sentiment analysis. These techniques have the capacity to generate results in real time, which offers intriguing possibilities for both commercial and academic research. The first is a study of social media during the televised debates between political party leaders in the UK general election campaign. The second is also drawn from this election campaign and focuses on the reporting of accusations of bullying against then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown in the British media.

The application of NLP-based text analysis tools to social data is still, in many respects, in its infancy. With this thought in mind, the authors conclude by outlining the ontological challenges echoing the reservations that Elliot and Purdam set out in Chapter 3 and the technical challenges of mining text in social research settings.

They note, in the case of social media, increasingly restrictive access policies, and they also consider the ethical implications of text mining used as a social research tool. And of course, you can buy a copy of the whole book from Amazon. At the end of the afternoon the panel had produced a useful series of resources for the sector, including:. I spoke about how the rise of ubiquitous digital media and, importantly, the computational layer that sits underneath all digital media is creating challenges for PR as a discipline and at a practical level.

I argued that algorithms play an increasingly significant part in determining what information we get to see, how we analyse and make sense of it as well as how our carefully crafted messages are mediated, manipulated and received. And then for reassurance I suggested ways in which current practitioners could address and ensure a sense of continuity in terms of what they do on a day-to-day basis. You can read my incisive commentary over at the article.

Foundations of Critical Media and Information Studies

He covered a lot of areas that most smart practitioners regularly allude to, but gave some useful contextual insight and evidence to argue for a cohernent future direction. How can this be improved?

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From experience of teaching undergraduates, postgraduates and professionals, it can be argued that there is still too much emphasis on classroom or lecture based teaching, taught to syllabi that are out-dated — or not necessarily reflective of emerging or transforming occupations — and are limited to rapid change or development due to bureaucracy within higher education or professional bodies. Given the highly practical and technical as well as experimental nature of some elements of digital knowledge and skills it is important for students to gain hands-on experience of technology and its application in specific fields.

News Organisation(S) and the Production of Environmental News

This can be limited by the syllabi of courses and qualifications which tend to be taught by academics and professionals not familiar with new or emerging products or techniques as well as the facilities of education institutions which remain wedded to lecture theatre and classroom style teaching. As well as infrastructure limitations, education is also held back the scope of syllabi which remain unchanged and rooted in non-digital content. Part of this is linked to out-of-touch, established tutors as addressed above, but it is also partly to do with the laboriousness and time-taken to review and re-validate course content.

Seller Inventory SR-eCommerce Seller Inventory BV. Book Description Taylor and Francis , London, Language: English. Brand new Book. From an author highly knowledgeable in the field, News is a handy and accessible guide that examines the history of news, both as newspapers and radio, and as entertainment and information, and introduces students to the key concepts and issues that surround the ing up-to-date case examples such as the Hutton Report and embedded journalists, from across a range of media including print, radio, television and the internet, Jackie Harrison explains the different theoretical approaches that have been used to study the news, as well as providing an accessible introduction to how news is produced and regulated, what counts as news, and how it is selected and presented.

Topics covered include:introduction to the concept of newsthe growth and development of newstechnology, concentration and competitionbalancing freedom and responisibilityregulatory control of the newsmaking the news. Seller Inventory AA Book Description Routledge , Brand new book, sourced directly from publisher. Dispatch time is working days from our warehouse. Book will be sent in robust, secure packaging to ensure it reaches you securely.

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