New Treatise on the Uniqueness of Consciousness

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Or maybe i should say it reawakened what i had known always but had chosen to no longer be aware of.

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I still go back to it often to read parts of it and it always amazes me how i can still unlock new levels of awareness every single time. Jul 01, Alison rated it it was amazing. From reading this book I understood how I have been under the influence of so many imposed ideals and beleifs that were not my own. Reading this book provided me an opportunity to see how things outside of me can take hold, but also offered a solution - we are what we align to, and that we have a potential to choose what we align to.

Jan 21, Lyndy Summerhaze rated it it was amazing.

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This book is a treasure trove for all who know that there is much more to life than meets the eye. It offers a way of uncovering the treasure that we all carry inside ourselves and have forgotten as we became overlaid with the lies and illusions that are perpetuated in our daily living. The Love and understanding with which this book comes is absolute — a very rare thing indeed — but here it is. Humanity has bought into so many consciousnesses that are not those that come from the realm of truth This book is a treasure trove for all who know that there is much more to life than meets the eye.

Humanity has bought into so many consciousnesses that are not those that come from the realm of truth — the only 'real 'realm. When reading this book we feel deeply that can can come back from the pit of disasters that we have created — hunger, corruption, illness, poverty, environmental disaster, destructive relationships. We can come back and restore a truly productive way of living that will help us return to who we truly are. Jan 25, Felix rated it it was amazing. Once I found out that this author makes sense I started studying more of his books.

I find this one specially recommendable for everyone who is interested in or working with relationships: parents, teachers, therapists, business-people - well, in the end, who doesn't deal with relationships? I as a therapist, seeing many people from all walks of life got a sense for why most relationships nowadays don't work.

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Understan Once I found out that this author makes sense I started studying more of his books. Understanding the consciousness behind the stages of family-wars, divorces and discrimination, made me a understand the dynamics of relationships in my own life b found a way to live loving relationships with consistency c be able to support many clients in my professional life to do the same. Jan 21, Anita Stanfield rated it it was amazing. Reading this book brought an awareness to me that energy does exist and that our consciousness is a choice continuously in life.

To be honest it does not read like most books but what I did feel was once again a tingling in my hands and a knowing that this book offered truth as it inspired me to bring awareness of my movements in life which ultimately gave me an undestanding of myself that I had never felt before. Jan 21, Jenny Ellis rated it it was amazing. Loved this book A refreshing and very enlightening peak into the world of energy from a very practical, everyday perspective. It's science made relevant actually, now I think about it. Jan 21, Sally Green rated it it was amazing. Loved this book and have returned to it many times since first reading it.

The more I return to this book the more I get from it, whether I am reading it cover to cover or just opening to a single page. A great addition to any collection of books on philosophy, science, religion and understanding life. Jan 21, Judith Andras rated it it was amazing. Serge Benhayon has a unique way of writing that stops your old ways of thinking, inviting you to take a moment and ponder deeply on life.

Nov 15, Matts rated it it was amazing. This one seemed a little bit easier to get through and it's quite a fascinating topic and I read from it no later that yesterday. That one is what we are aligned to energetically is not just interesting in one sense but it is something of a science that has to be lived and that is what I love about Serge's books.

They are not there to dazzle you with information but seems more to me as a guide in how I read this one as well straight through just as I did with Serge's first book "The Way it Is". They are not there to dazzle you with information but seems more to me as a guide in how to live life and understand life and what life is about and what makes life what it is. Can highly recommend this book. Jun 25, Joel rated it it was amazing. So where do I thought comes from? Are they really our own or are they sourced from a consciousness that we connect to?

At any rate, they forbid a premature closing of our accounts with reality. It is as if the opposites of the world, whose contradictoriness and conflict make all our difficulties and troubles, were melted into unity. Not only do they, as contrasted species, belong to one and the same genus, but one of the species, the nobler and better one, is itself the genus, and so soaks up and absorbs its opposite into itself. Brain Pickings participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn commissions by linking to Amazon.

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Privacy policy. William James James considers the central function of human consciousness — to make sense of reality through abstract concepts: The whole universe of concrete objects, as we know them, swims… in a wider and higher universe of abstract ideas, that lend it its significance. Three decades after Nietzsche lamented how our abstractions blind us to the actuality of life , James adds: This absolute determinability of our mind by abstractions is one of the cardinal facts in our human constitution.

Illustration by Lisbeth Zwerger for a special edition of the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm And yet our consciousness, James argues, is capable of states that radically disrupt its own neat model-universe of abstractions. He considers how these transcendent states discompose our constructed, concept-constricted experience of reality: Our normal waking consciousness, rational consciousness as we call it, is but one special type of consciousness, whilst all about it, parted from it by the filmiest of screens, there lie potential forms of consciousness entirely different.

The subject of it immediately says that it defies expression, that no adequate report of its contents can be given in words. It follows from this that its quality must be directly experienced; it cannot be imparted or transferred to others.

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In this peculiarity mystical states are more like states of feeling than like states of intellect. No one can make clear to another who has never had a certain feeling, in what the quality or worth of it consists. Lacking the heart or ear, we cannot interpret the musician or the lover justly, and are even likely to consider him weak-minded or absurd. As to equality or any exact proportion, we can only guess at it from a single consideration; except in very short numbers, or very limited portions of extension; which are comprehended in an instant, and where we perceive an impossibility of falling into any considerable error.

In all other cases we must settle the proportions with some liberty, or proceed in a more artificial manner. Its first principles are still drawn from the general appearance of the objects; and that appearance can never afford us any security, when we examine the prodigious minuteness of which nature is susceptible.

Our ideas seem to give a perfect assurance, that no two right lines can have a common segment; but if we consider these ideas, we shall find, that they always suppose a sensible inclination of the two lines, and that where the angle they form is extremely small, we have no standard of a right line so precise, as to assure us of the truth of this proposition.

There remain, therefore, algebra and arithmetic as the only sciences, in which we can carry on a chain of reasoning to any degree of intricacy, and yet preserve a perfect exactness and certainty. We are possest of a precise standard, by which we can judge of the equality and proportion of numbers; and according as they correspond or not to that standard, we determine their relations, without any possibility of error.

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I own that this defect so Edition: current; Page: [ 72 ] far attends it, as to keep it from ever aspiring to a full certainty: But since these fundamental principles depend on the easiest and least deceitful appearances, they bestow on their consequences a degree of exactness, of which these consequences are singly incapable. And this is the nature and use of geometry, to run us up to such appearances, as, by reason of their simplicity, cannot lead us into any considerable error. I shall here take occasion to propose a second observation concerning our demonstrative reasonings, which is suggested by the same subject of the mathematics.

An idea is by its very nature weaker and fainter than an impression; but being in every other respect the same, cannot imply any very great mystery. These three relations are identity, the situations in time and place, and causation. All kinds of reasoning consist in nothing but a comparison, and a discovery of those relations, either constant or inconstant, which two or more objects bear to each other. This comparison we may make, either when both the objects are present to the senses, or when neither of them is present, or when only one.

According to this way of thinking, we ought not to receive as reasoning any of the observations we may make concerning identity, and the relations of time and place; since in none of them the mind can go beyond what is immediately present to the senses, either to discover the real existence or the relations of objects. There is nothing in any objects to perswade us, that they are either always remote or always contiguous; and when from experience and observation we discover, that their relation in this particular is invariable, we always conclude there is some secret cause, which separates or unites them.

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The same reasoning extends to identity. This relation, therefore, we shall endeavour to explain fully before we leave the subject of the understanding. The examination of the impression bestows a clearness on the idea; and the examination of the idea bestows a like clearness on all our reasoning.

Let us therefore cast our eye on any two objects, which we call cause and effect, and turn them on all sides, in order to find that impression, which produces an idea of such prodigious consequence. At first sight I perceive, that I must not search for it in any of the particular qualities of the objects; since, which-ever of these qualities I pitch on, I find some object, that is not possest of it, and yet falls under the denomination of cause or effect. We may therefore consider the relation of contiguity as essential to that of causation; at least may suppose it such, according to the general opinion, till we can find a more 1 proper occasion to clear up this matter, by examining what objects are or are not susceptible of juxtaposition and conjunction.

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But beside that experience in most instances seems to contradict this opinion, we may establish the relation of priority by a kind of inference or reasoning. For he shall find, that the affair is of no great importance. Motion in one body is regarded upon impulse as the cause of motion Edition: current; Page: [ 77 ] in another. When we consider these objects with the utmost attention, we find only that the one body approaches the other; and that the motion of it precedes that of the other, but without any sensible interval. We can go no farther in considering this particular instance. For what does he mean by production?