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The first cases of an encephalitis outbreak are reported in New York City on August 23, Seven people die from what turns out to be the first cases of West Nile virus in the United States. A cluster of eight cases of St.

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Louis encephalitis was diagnosed among patients in the Natascha Kampusch, an Austrian teenager who was kidnapped at age 10, escapes from her captor, Wolfgang Priklopil, after more than eight years. Shortly after her escape, Priklopil committed suicide. On March 2, , Kampusch was abducted from a street in Vienna while walking to Greenhow was a wealthy widow living in Washington at the outbreak of the war.

She was well connected in the capital On August 23, , four counties in western North Carolina declare their independence as the state of Franklin. The counties lay in what would eventually become Tennessee.

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The previous April, the state of North Carolina had ceded its western land claims between the Allegheny This Day In History. Mons DVD. Notify when back in stock.

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Privacy Policy. In , Mons was an administrative center that was home to a great number of legal and judicial authorities. Only a few industries had been developed in the city in contrast to the neighboring region of Borinage that had experienced major economic development, primarily around the extraction of coal. Already a cultural and educational center, the city of Mons also came to be a hub of the coal trade. In August and November , the region was the scene of clashes between Commonwealth troops and German soldiers.

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In total, Mons was under occupation for over four years. The arrival of German troops in Belgium on the morning of 4 August , forced Great Britain to join the war. Many of them had never experienced the harsh reality of fighting. Although reservists accounted for almost half the men in some units, the British army, which had undergone reform at the turn of the century was, nonetheless, well trained and equipped.

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Under the agreements concluded between the French and British armed forces, the BEF was to take up a position on the left flank of the French. But it was on 23 August, starting at in the morning, that the "Battle of Mons" took place.

1914 - 1918 Season: The Angels of Mons

Entrenched behind the insubstantial barrier of the canal, the British troops clashed, for the first time, with , German soldiers under the command of Alexander von Kluck The fighting, which had started in Obourg and Nimy, spread west along the entire canal. After heavy fighting, Field Marshal John French , who led the BEF, ordered a retreat to prevent his troops from being surrounded, while, to the east, the French retreated from Charleroi.

After two days of fighting 23 and 24 August , the British and German forces had sustained almost equal losses according to the most reliable figures: 4, for the BEF, versus around 4, for the Germans.

The first Victoria Crosses of the First World War

On 29 September, the British author Arthur Machen published a fictional article in the London Evening News reporting that during a battle against German soldiers, an English soldier called upon Saint George. The story was seized upon by occultists and spiritualists seeking to prove that there had been supernatural intervention during the Battle of Mons. Machen insisted that his story was fictional, but the rumour, which captured the imagination of religious communities and was circulated by the mainstream press , quickly spread through the United Kingdom, then along the front.

During the months that followed, numerous articles and books reported the testimonies of soldiers who participated in the retreat at Mons. The legend took on many forms and inspired many artists. Having had its fortifications dismantled in , Mons was, at the start of the conflict, still a garrison city. When Belgian troops were mobilised, starting on 31 July , all the soldiers in the city left. From 23 August , the Mons barracks were occupied by German troops. The liberal local councillors remained in their posts.