Lasers, Molecules and Methods

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Each molecule emitted roughly photons as it cooled. The team collected these photons and used them to image the ultracold gas.

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Lawrence W. Kai-Mei Fu studies the properties of atomic defects in materials with the goal of using these normally unwanted flaws to create quantum technologies for secure communication. Nicola Spaldin has been appointed Lead Editor of the new fully open access, multidisciplinary APS journal launching in The new open access journal will welcome the full spectrum of research of interest to the physics community.

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Atomic force microscopy reveals the structure of a single layer of water molecules adsorbed on a nickel surface, potentially expanding our understanding of catalysis. A model based on Brownian motion describes the tsunami-like propagation of chaotic behavior in a system of quantum particles. A well-known quantum experiment is performed on a rotating lab table—offering a probe of quantum physics in a noninertial reference frame.

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Researchers demonstrate a method for ultracold cooling and imaging of a dense cloud of molecules. Doyle Phys.

Atomic and Molecular Physics Quantum Physics. Allowed transitions above 20 GHz are marked in light blue.

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All thermally occupied states in the right-hand molecule can be connected via combinations of low-frequency, electric-dipole-allowed transitions. This highly tunable, nonseparable Hamiltonian allows for state-specific, motional sideband addressing of a wide variety of polyatomic molecules. Method for preparation and readout of polyatomic molecules in single quantum states David Patterson Phys.

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A 97 , — Published 6 March Abstract Polyatomic molecular ions contain many desirable attributes of a useful quantum system, including rich internal degrees of freedom and highly controllable coupling to the environment. Research Areas. Issue Vol. Authorization Required.

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Log In. Figure 1 A sketch of the proposed apparatus, not to scale. Figure 2 The low-lying rotational states of carbon monoxide left and 1,2-propanediol right. Sign up to receive regular email alerts from Physical Review A. Journal: Phys. X Rev.

New method to determine molecule chirality

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