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The full modeling and simulation instructions are available in the Pattern's documentation. In order to make the binding easier, auto-completion is supported for the binding expression. The full modeling and simulation instructions are available in the Pattern's document.


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The latest help can be found here. Prev Next. In its determination in favor of Jack Phillips, the high court did not alter Colorado's anti-discrimination law, instead the case turned on the way in which the baker was treated by Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Writing for the majority, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote, We never disagreed about Charlie Craig religious convictions, we just think when you open the doors to the public, you have to serve everyone equally.

Kristen Waggoner, Jack Phillips attorney, insists this isn't about discrimination, but religious freedom, which Kristen Waggoner said the high court affirmed. Jack Phillips said Jack Phillips lost 40 percent of Jack Phillips business after the initial lawsuit was filed six years ago.

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Jack Phillips has since been forced to lay off workers. Jack Phillips said Jack Phillips hopes the ruling will boost business. Word in Definition. Princeton's WordNet 4. Wiktionary 5.

Webster Dictionary 0. Freebase 0.

How to pronounce invocation? Invocations traditionally take the form of a prayer, a recitation of an inspirational message or a quiet time of guided contemplation. As the holiday season approaches, hosts may look to their guest list for someone to give the invocation. No two writers are exactly alike, so use the moment to speak in a manner that is unique to you and the occasion.

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Consider the occasion. Is the event held at church? The office? Is the audience a mix of religions? Are they children? Tailor your words to the event and the audience, using inclusive language — such as we or our — and offer thanks to whatever higher power you choose for things common to everyone. Pray simply and humbly. Again, consider the group to whom you are speaking.


Save eloquent speeches for a more formal time. Speak from the heart in a conversational manner, using words that are inclusive and easily understood. Keep it brief.