Inside the Confederate Nation: Essays in Honor of Emory M. Thomas

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The Southerner often lived or could remember himself living in rural isolation, commanding the destiny of himself, his family, and his chattels.

If he was a slaveholder, he felt himself to be absolute master of a rural empire, and this feeling fed the assertion of self. Other features of the Southern mind were evangelical Protestantism, romanticism, chivalry, codes of honor, manners, reverence for womanhood, oratory, and dueling. They appeared from the s on, and over the course of the ensuing 40 years made secession a popular and respectable cause.

Their goal was reactionary—to preserve the Southern way of life. The whole separatist movement was due more to him than to any one Southerner. By virtue of their positions and councils they would moderate and counter Union demands and serve as political and geographic buffers for the new nation, avoiding a long, hostile, politically abolitionist border. Once the new regime was firmly established,border states desiring to do so could join the Confederacy under the protection of its arms and diplomacy.

Like 18th century American or 20th century German revolutionaries, they were serious about political change—they really intended their ideas to alter the existing social order. Nathaniel Beverley Tucker — , a prominent lawyer and judge not to be confused with his eminent nephew of the same name , was unusual for a Southerner in that he belonged to a social aristocratic family whose members were prominent in law, the judiciary, politics, and diplomacy from the time of the American Revolution to the s.

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Tucker wrote a revolutionary novel, The Partisan Leader , envisioning a future Virginia ruled with an iron hand by Northern functionaries while, to the south, a new Confederacy basked in the sunshine of prosperity and freedom. The book was a forerunner of contemporary revolutionary fiction by William Pierce and Harold Covington. Mirabeau B. Henry A. Wise, an attorney, US congressman, ambassador to Brazil, and governor of Virginia, controlled the Richmond Enquirer newspaper.

The fire-eaters also included prominent Presbyterian clergymen, newspaper editors, state governors, and US congressmen and senators. Thus, even the most radical Southerners included many highly placed individuals—members of the elite. This pattern is true of every revolution. There comes a time when radical dissent needs to extend to elite individuals and institutions on a significant scale. Many newspapers—the main mass medium of the day—promoted the cause of secession.

The equivalent in our time would be mainstream broadcast and cable TV stations, channels, and programs, and mainstream novels, movies, video games, pop music, etc.

The Confederate Revolution

Throughout the South newspaper editors took up radicalism and radicals became editors. Few Union newspapers survived. Of course, the same process occurred in reverse in the North. And far, far worse intellectual suppression prevails today.

Thomas, Emory M. [WorldCat Identities]

Contemporary whites have woefully failed to examine, much less cope with, prevailing mechanisms of repression, thought control, mass psychological conditioning, and social marginalization and destruction of recalcitrant individuals. Yet these are what have prevented any effective, anti-genocidal opposition from arising that would certainly have developed in the past.

This climate of ideas must absolutely change. Racial totalitarianism such as this is unique to the modern era. If past revolutionaries of any stripe had had to contend with similar obstacles, their ideas would never have gained currency. They would have died aborning, just as ours have. The closest historical analogy is Communism.

Its many opponents and victims throughout the world, through no fault of their own, were helpless in the face of repression due to disparity of power, technology, will, state lawlessness, psychological and social control, and, frankly, pure evil. Southern radicals did not just preach revolution in the abstract. Thomas is careful to note, however, that a climate of opinion sympathetic to disunion was necessary: the social tinder had to be ready for the revolutionary spark.

Despairing of concerted action, he proposed instead that a single state, South Carolina, should secede, presenting a fait accompli. Then other states would follow suit, and Southern union would result. In fact, the Southern states seceded in two waves: the first in response to the election of Lincoln and the secession of South Carolina, the second in response to the clash at Fort Sumter. Moreover, the Northern case against the Confederacy was that the US Constitution itself had established a permanent union.

Ironically, radicals did not exert significant influence over the Confederacy after its formation. Few fire-eaters served long or prominently in the new republic they labored so hard to create. Instead, they were shunted aside by civilian and military moderates: Jefferson Davis, Alexander H. Benjamin a large slaveholder and plantation owner , Robert E.

Lee, and others. Historian Charles Lee estimated that 40 percent of the membership of the Provisional Confederate Congress in consisted of cooperationists and unionists:. Although the founding of the Confederacy was a radical act, the convention that performed this act was not radical in nature. The principal objective was to establish a government that would preserve and perpetuate the political, social, and economic conditions which represented the Southern way of life in Charles R.

Lee, Jr. The irony, Emory Thomas notes, is that the moderate statesmen who conducted war and statecraft on behalf of the Confederate nation responded to the demands of total warfare, limited finances, and the lack of an industrial base by creating. This internal revolution ultimately transformed the Southern way of life.

Thus, the Confederate revolution, initiated by radicals to preserve the antebellum status quo, changed to conservative hands and then revolutionized that status quo.

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Even for my father, I think it is an abstraction, only given value in racialist terms. Also, with Covington promoting the NW as homeland, I wonder if the history of The South has been marginalized for White Nationalists — even for me, I look to Europe, Italy, and Japan for theoretical and conceptual inspiration, never thinking about the Southern Counter-Enlightenment. And then, one returns to Atlanta — a city that already got what it deserved — to the land of SUVs, bourgeois white folk, Mexicans, and black folk, and feels thoroughly disconnected from any noble history that might have happened on the very ground upon which one walks.


I hope these essays at least make us have to come to terms with the CSA. In this new south, that would be saying a lot. The inscription on the mounment in Rome, Ga. The great great great great grandaughters of those Confederates heroes are wiping out the White bloodlines. Erected by the women of Rome to the memory of the soldiers of Floyd County, Ga. This monument is the testimony of the present to the future that these were they who kept the faith as it was given to them by their fathers. Be it known by this token that these men were true to the tradition of their lineage. Bold, generous and free, firm in conviction of the right.

Steadfast in their duty, faithful ever in despair; and illustrated in the unflinching heroism of their deaths the free born courage of their lives. How well they served their faith. Their people know; a thousand battlefields attest; dungeon and hospital bear witness to their sons they left but honor and the country.

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Let this stone forever warm those who keep their valleys that only their sires are dead the principles for which they fought can never die. It can be discussed forever from any angle. Oh I see what you are saying: Jews are thin on the ground and the B Team is large and always a threat to them. So in the Soviet Union, WW2 put a severe strain on the system and Whites gained ground during those years because of that. Perhaps that could happen here? Well maybe. The System still has far more credibility than it did in the Soviet Union.

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Mel Gibson is a very gifted but very tormented man. He gave out an award at the Emmys a couple of years ago after he had broken with Traditional Catholicism and shacked up with a Hollywood Bimbo who then ditched him and ran off with their kid. Hollywood accepted him a bit then though they will never forget. Some more moderate whites recognize the genocide plan for whites and work to halt it. They also fear economic decline stemming from government and consumer over spending and off shoring could lead to collapse and thence to a serious civil war. Then the civil war would either be much longer and bloodier with the whites winning, or much bloodier and longer with the whites losing.

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In reality it may be the politicians who will end up doing us a favor by bringing on collapse and civil war much sooner, and the moderates are actually working in a way that would lead to a much bloodier conflagration. Who are these moderates who know but fear to act? Can you name any names? Pat Buchanon?

Anybody with any real clout? There are guys like Chuck Baldwin and Rush Limbaugh who know Whites are being persecuted but they think we can all just get along once the Liberals are defeated. They are aghast at the very idea of White Nationalism I believe. Buchanan is not a moderaict. I have some hints. He is wear bright blue spandex type pantw that are the hue of the filed on the U.

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  • Inside the Confederate Nation: Essays in Honor of Emory M. Thomas.
  • More blatantly his cape is made up of red and white strips exactly like the rest of the U. I am tired of hearing us belly ache about all our traitorous white, money grubing elites. It stands to reason SOME of them will have civic consciouses. There must be a few white elites in the pro-white dissident camp that are worth a couple of hundred million. Beside media and politics, there would surely be some deep pockets in industry.

    Not to mention the second tier corporate officers who probably bring down four or five million a year. The moderates I spoke of above would the the moderates in that group. As such they are going to be cagy. The most effective thing they can do for now is disseminate pro-white propaganda as in the commercials mentioned above. They would be connected by their usual cockatail circuit and social groups. Hope that give you food for thought.