Doctor Who: The Way Through the Woods (Doctor Who: New Series Adventures, Book 45)

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But when the time rolled round, Scott had left for Granada to train as a director, so the job fell to Raymond Cusick instead. Instead, she knitted the lot into one single, gigantic item, which Acheson, displaying the keen eye that would later win him three Oscars for costume design, decided to keep. It became an instant hit. The BBC designer Raymond Cusick, meanwhile, came up with the distinctive pepper-pot shape and the zapper with its sinister storm trooper salute. R on Moody , who played Fagin in Oliver! Moody later told friends how much he regretted the decision.

He did, much later, play the Duke of Wellington in a Doctor Who audio story. Geoffrey Bayldon, who went on to play Catweazle, apparently had no such regrets — he turned down the chance to become both the First and Second Doctor. Baker left the monastery after six years.

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Like Doctor Who, Armchair Theatre was filmed live, so Lambert was a past master at dealing with the kind of problems that shoots with no breaks can generate. At one stage during her tenure at ABC she had to keep the cameras pointed elsewhere after an actor collapsed and died on set, so the flapping TARDIS doors and forgotten cues of early Doctor Who held few terrors. But some people experience a rare form of synaesthesia — an involuntary crossover of sensory input — in which they are apparently able to perceive time.

Those who experience the phenomenon often describe it as a circular formation, with years shading into one another and longer periods, such as decades, showing up in different colours. No word on the regeneration, though, and no one has come calling with a free Tardis. Like all good ideas in science fiction, the sonic screwdriver has long tempted scientists to re-create its functions in the real world.

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In , a team from Dundee University announced that it had developed the first mechanism for lifting and turning objects using an ultrasound field, a device with numerous possible applications in science and surgery. Meanwhile, a group at Bristol University, has developed a thing called the sonotweezer to manipulate and move particles. But Davies thought it was too complicated to run immediately, and Fry, apparently, never had time to make the necessary changes. W hen Russell T Davies was filming the first series of the revived Doctor Who in , the anagram Torchwood was used to label the series tapes so that no information about their contents would leak out.

When he was offered the opportunity to spin off a post-watershed series from the Who material, Davies was so fond of the anagram he decided to keep it. In , black actor Roy Stewart was cast as a Cybermen helpmeet called Toberman, in Tomb of the Cybermen; in the script he was deaf, yet this detail was omitted from the final version.

So what we ended up with is a largely mute, subservient black man — essentially, a slave. A suitably impressed Gosling quickly cast Smith in his directorial debut, Lost River — which, unfortunately, wasn't any good. It is 'ludicrous and breaks most of the laws of narrative', commented Terry Pratchett the late author of the Discworld books in a humorously impassioned blog post from Particularly the later stuff.

Perhaps they should start transmitting the programme on Sundays. T he late, great, fearsomely alternative actor-director Ken Campbell a nine-hour adaptation of Illuminatus! McCoy got the part. Over the years, the Oxford English Dictionary has made space between its august e-covers for several Whoisms. Poor Cybermat, it tried so hard. Whoever coined it, the formula is now inextricably linked to the Doctor and the appearance of the Daleks , lending its name to a book of celebrity recollections of the series as well as a fallback headline for hacks everywhere.

Even Prince Andrew has admitted to hiding from the Daleks behind the soft furnishings as a child in Windsor Castle.

That honour belongs to the American science fiction author Judith Merril, who popped up during the Seventies and Eighties at the end of Doctor Who episodes, dressed like a member of the Jedi Order and calling herself the UnDoctor. D elia Derbyshire is a fascinating figure in the annals of British electronic music, now namechecked as an influence by the likes of Aphex Twin and the Chemical Brothers, but the BBC was reluctant to reward her extraordinary talent.

After studying maths and music at Cambridge, she began working for the BBC in , graduating to the nascent Radiophonic Workshop in Derbyshire sampled a single plucked string on analogue tape and adjusted its pitch and speed for each note of the melody, backing it up with an oscillator bassline and keyboard swoops. See also the case of the Daleks designer, Ray Cusick. Derbyshire eventually quit the BBC for the wider horizons of avant-garde music and electronic psychedelia, before retiring from music altogether.

Back when BBC properties were allowed to be used for commercial gain, Tom Baker and Lalla Ward — then a real-life couple — used their sexual energy to hawk the decidedly unsexy Prime range of microcomputers. P rior to , the key to the Tardis looked much like an ordinary Yale key. In fact, it was an ordinary Yale key. Jon Pertwee, however, wanted something fancier, so helped to create the copper, spade-like key that made its first appearance in The Time Warrior.

The design has been used as the Tardis key template ever since. Bonnie Langford, playing his assistant Mel, fared even worse.

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As the departed Colin Baker declined to film a regeneration scene, the incumbent McCoy had to play both his part and the part of his predecessor — with the aid of a blond curly wig. T he Doctor lands in Albert Square. What could possibly go wrong? In 3D! Like gherkins in a jar! Still, everybody seems to have had fun making it:. D octor Who has inspired many an odd item — but few as a left-field as a cookbook. But scriptwriter Anthony Steven claimed to have had an excellent excuse: his typewriter exploded as he was writing it. The offending pages were taken down and the website no longer exists.

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S ince making their appearance in the second ever Doctor Who episode, the Daleks have become icons. Had you been in Sydney at the end of September, you would have had the chance to see all Doctor Who episodes distilled into a one-hour show. Or at least, that was the aim of the writer and star, Pat Magee. H ollywood has never known what on Earth to do with Doctor Who, so has mostly left him alone. Their second choice? Bill Cosby. Is this a crazy idea?

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Williams was sadly unavailable; the part went to Richard E Grant. Short Sci-Fi. Doctor Who Confidential — Behind the scenes of the making of Doctor Who with the cast, crew and directors.

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Stars: Russell T. Davies, David Tennant, Steven Moffat. Pond Life Short Comedy Sci-Fi. The Doctor, Amy, and Rory get stuck in a time paradox within the T. Comedy Drama. Doctor Who TV Movie Adventure Drama Sci-Fi. Night and the Doctor Doctor Who: Shada Video Animation Sci-Fi. Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka Sci-Fi Animation. Stars: Richard E.

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