A Very British Coup

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But when politics gets dirty, can he play the game and win?

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EDITORIAL: A ‘very British coup’ spells danger

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Search: Search. The Secretary is arguing that Britain needs nuclear weapons in order to defend itself. I don't know whether this show is available on DVD.

‘A very British coup’

I tried to order it years ago I believe the program first aired in the early '90s and got a DVD that wouldn't play on an American player. So my copy is on VHS. I've also read the book by Chris Mullen, which has a different and much less satisfying ending. Both this and "Secret State", from a couple of years ago, are based on the same book be Chris Mullin.

This one is more politics as usual, the other more of a thriller. I liked each for its own merits. McAnally presents a much lighter character, more innocent times the 80s I guess. This set could have used closed captioning, for it somewhat difficult to follow the plot with these American ears. All in all a nice piece.

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British political thrillers are top-notch, and this one is no exception, even if it is a product of the eighties. The Cold War may have evolved into something else, but the problem of media frenzies, covert surveillance and behind the scenes manipulation of events by secret intelligence services continues. In this scenario, when a genuine left-wing Labour candidate becomes Prime Minister, certain Tories, to protect their long-standing aristocratic privilege, pull all sorts of shenanigans to dislodge him, even resorting to blackmail, extortion, and murder. The designers of this series are to be complimented on the sets, which reproduced the interiors of Number 10 Downing Street in a convincing manner from pictures I have seen.

The elegant imagining of the staircase, the cabinet room, and the residence stand in marked contrast to those of "The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard," in which the interiors were so nondescript that I never believed for one minute that I was actually inside one of the most famous residences in London. A drawback of this well-acted series [Among other actors, Clive Merrison is excellent as a slick BBC news presenter who excels in lobbing loaded questions at his guests.

The series is also dated by the device that was likely included to give the story a hypothetical aspect: it refers to a king, which, since the Queen is still with us--and long may she reign! The most dated aspect of the film, however, is the use of what now seem like gothic computers with LED TV-like monitors that must hold about 55k of memory Shades of my old Apple IIe! One wonders whether the cell phones on "The Amazing Mrs.

Abdication: A Very British Coup

Pritchard" will seem like dinosaurs in twenty years! To Acorn Media's credit, they have included a lengthy audio interview with the author as well as selected filmographies. As usual, there are no subtitles. Each episode begins with disturbing images of burning debris falling into the Thames.

A Very British Coup

The full significance of these does not impact the viewer until the end credits roll. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. I loved Chris Mullin's diaries of the New Labour era. A Very British Coup comes from a slightly earlier era Thatcher but demonstrates Mullin has a keen eye for how power works in the British system and the writing chops to make a firecracker of a story out of observations. Set in Britain some time in the future, "A Very British Coup" is a brilliantly conceived, directed and acted film which I first saw about 10 years ago on a New York PBC station, and now twice recently on a low definition quality tape I had made.

The drama is fast-paced and almost operatic in its depiction of a statesman whose honesty and forthrightness threaten to overturn the entire monolith of the old-boy network so imbedded in the British political system. The predominantly privileged, aristocratic class of civil servants and their ally, a media giant attempt to undermine Harry's "open" administration by all the means available and these means are extensive. When their methods are only partially successful, because they underestimate Harry's indomitable consistency, his strength of character, they resort to more sinister solutions.

Determined to remove all nuclear warheads and thus infuriating the U. Harry decides to have the dismantling of a nuclear warhead televised. For his adveraries, this is the final draw. After a wave of public revulsion at the excesses of corrupt bankers, the Labour party has enjoyed a landslide victory under a far-left leader.

Chris Mullin: When the threat of a coup seemed more than fiction

They tried every dirty trick on him, particularly media vilification. This is the astonishingly prescient premise of A Very British Coup , a three-part drama broadcast on Channel 4 in Based on a novel by Labour backbench MP Chris Mullin and adapted by Alan Plater , its hero is Harry Perkins, a former steelworker from Sheffield who makes his name exposing banking malpractice.

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The very notion makes the clandestine, aristocratic Browne blanche. A steelworker he was, however, and he is full of steely resolve, forged in still white-hot rage at the uncompensated death of his grandfather in an industrial accident.

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